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Identification and assessment of hazard risks in a flour mill by the JSA and FMEA methodology (13593 Downloads)
Investigation of Sodium Dithionite Residues in the Rock Candies Produced in the Candies Making Plants of Hamadan, Iran (4646 Downloads)
Study of Efficiency of Photochemical Oxidation Process with UV/Peroxidisulfate for Removal of Alizarin Red S from Aqueous Solutions (3425 Downloads)
Overview of Flour Fortification Program with Iron and Folic Acid in Iran (3363 Downloads)
Evaluation of waste management, manufacturing industries, from an environmental standpoint (Case Study: Savojbolagh city Alborz Province) (3207 Downloads)
Survey of Hydro-geochemical Quality and Health of Groundwater in Ramian, Golestan Province, Iran (3178 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Relationship between Workaholism, Organizational Silence, and Burnout in Staff of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences in 2014 (3175 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Relationship between Spiritual Health and Mental Health in Patients Undergoing Methadone Maintenance Treatment (2993 Downloads)
Risk Factors Assessment in Educational Equipment Manufacturers Company Using FMEA (2988 Downloads)
Investigation of Biogas Production Process by the Mixture of Landfill Leachate and Animal Waste (2866 Downloads)
A Challenges in Implementing Package of Essential Noncommunicable Diseases Interventions in Iran’s Healthcare System (2792 Downloads)
The Prevalence of Pediculosis Capitis and Its Associated Risk Factors in Primary School Students in Kalaleh, Iran in 2015 (2780 Downloads)
Quality of life and Related Factors in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients (2754 Downloads)
Investigation the Effect of Education on Self-Care Promotion in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Noor Health Centers in 2015 (2709 Downloads)
Evaluation of the quality of performance of Rajaee Hospital, Tonekabon, Iran, based on Malcolm Baldrige model (2649 Downloads)
A comparison of body image, marital satisfaction, and public health among breast cancer patients with breast evacuation, breast keeping and normal people in Tehran (2553 Downloads)
Assessment of Microbial Contamination of Traditional Sweets in Yazd, Iran, in 2015 (2487 Downloads)
Evaluation of Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders among Students Using Portable Computer in Faculty of Health, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences (2451 Downloads)
A Study on the Rate of Events and Water Loss in Water Distribution Network of Azna, Lorstan, Iran during 2008-2014 and Its Associated Factors (2313 Downloads)
Determination of Peroxide Value of Oils Used in the Confectioneries of Damghan, Iran in Spring 2015 (2296 Downloads)
Investigating the Environmental Health and Safety Indices among Schools in Mazandaran Province, Iran (2222 Downloads)
The trend of changes in air quality index (AQI) in Mashhad using ‎GIS ‎ (2196 Downloads)
An Investigation of the Relationship between Emotional Labor and Job Satisfaction among the Executives and Nursing Managers of the Teaching Hospitals Affiliated to Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (2175 Downloads)
Evaluation of Removal and Adsorption Isotherms of Zinc and Copper from Municipal Solid Waste Leachate Using Clinoptilolite Adsorbent (2162 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Efficacy of Polyacrylamide Coagulant Aid Modified with Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles in Sludge Dewatering of Wastewater Treatment Plant of Yazd (2154 Downloads)
Relationship of Occupational Stress and Quality of Work Life with Turnover Intention among the Nurses of Public and Private Hospitals in Selected Cities of Guilan Province, Iran, in 2016 (2135 Downloads)
Survey of Appropriate Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Services Provided in Shahid Chamran Hospital of Shiraz (2134 Downloads)
Concentration and Distribution of Airborne Fungi in the Ambient Air of Milad Hospital, Blood Transfusion Organization, and Shahrake Ghods Wastewater Treatment Plant in Tehran, Iran (2131 Downloads)
A Study of the Relationship between Indoor/Outdoor ParticleConcentration in Dena hospital in Shiraz (2078 Downloads)
Evaluation of Heavy Metal Contamination Ecological Risk in a Food-Producing Ecosystem (2075 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Group-Based Stress Management Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Improving Quality of Life among the Wives of Addicts Undergoing Treatment with Methadone (2001 Downloads)
The Effect of Educational Intervention Based on Protection Motivation Theory on Mothers’ Behaviors about Prevention of Home Accidents in Children under 5 Year Old (1995 Downloads)
Investigating the Knowledge and Attitude of Health Volunteers about HIV/ AIDS in Eghlid, Iran Health Centers in 2015 (1977 Downloads)
Lipidomics: From Establishment to Applications in Health Studies (1965 Downloads)
Assessment of Awareness, Performance, and Attitudes of Radiographers Toward Radiological Protective Principles in Khuzestan, Irangraphers (1947 Downloads)
Risk Assessment of Healthcare Waste by Preliminary Hazard Analysis Method (1941 Downloads)
Evaluation of Noise pollution in Omidiyeh city, 2015 (1922 Downloads)
Assessment of Clostridium perfringens in determination of fecal pollution of drinking water in comparion to indicators bacteria (1916 Downloads)
Epidemiology of Fatal Traffic Accidents in Sari, Iran in 2014 (1895 Downloads)
The Television Advertisements of Health-threatening Products (1889 Downloads)
Study of Snack Pattern and Some Factors Affecting It among Elementary School Students in the Gonbad, Iran (1879 Downloads)
Application of Modified Red Mud for Adsorption of Acid Orange 7 (AO7) Dye from Aqueous Solution: Isotherms, Kinetics Studies (1819 Downloads)
Disinfection of water contaminated with fecal coliform using ozone: Effect of Some Variables (1819 Downloads)
An Investigation of Rapid Office Strain Assessment and Rapid Upper Limb Assessment in Visual Display Terminal Users (1753 Downloads)
A Study on the Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Job Enrichment among Electricity Operators (1725 Downloads)
Effectiveness of an Educational Program Based on the Transtheoretical Model to Increase Use of the Processes of Change for Physical Activity among the Employees of Birjand Universities (1710 Downloads)
Removal of Phenol and Aniline from Aqueous Solutions by Using Adsorption on to Pistacia terebinthus: Study of Adsorption Isotherm and Kinetics (1710 Downloads)
A Study on the Comparative Investigation of Air Quality in Tehran Metropolis Over a Five-year Period Using Air Quality Index (AQI) (1686 Downloads)
Ergonomic Evaluation in Rice Mills Workers in Sari in 2014 (1676 Downloads)
Satisfaction of Healthcare Team from the Performance of Rural Family Physicians in Northern Provinces of Iran (1673 Downloads)
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